Search Engine Marketing

Most consumers' research online before making any product or service purchase. When consumers search for information, many choose a search engine over consumer review sites, e-commerce sites, manufacturer's sites, and industry portals. Search Engine Marketing plays a vital role in more cost effective marketing.

Why is "Search Marketing" important?
  • Search engines are used in the early or mid research phase in the buying cycle.

  • Google is favored over other search engines.*

  • Search engine research takes place at least one to two months before the buying decision.

  • Good balance between organic and paid search is necessary. "Paid Search Results" gets over 40 percent of the clicks.

  • Position is a factor, with over 60 percent clicking on the top 3 listings.

  • Most users decide which listing to click on in seconds upon scanning the page.

*Goodwin, Danny. "Google Fails to Gain Search Market Share, Bing Steals From Yahoo." Search Engine Watch. 14 Nov. 2013. Web. 18 Aug. 2014.

The Importance of Search Marketing

Just "Google It" has probably been said by yourself or by someone else when you want a quick response. Google may not like the term used in lieu of "search," but the term has become a household brand for people of all ages, and how can you argue the recognition associated with its use? Search or be searched? That is the question.

Three things you should consider before spending money on seach marketing:

  • 1

    89% of Consumers Use Internet Search Engines to Make Purchasing Decisions**

  • 2

    Search Engine Marketing Takes Place at Least One to Two Months Before the Buying Decision***

  • 3

    Yes...You Can Buy a Top Position...At Least This is Partly True

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