Referral Marketing

At the top of every financial professional's wish list lies the desire to receive an endless stream of referrals from the clients you've already helped - never having to prospect again. Imagine discovering the formula for consistent referrals that already exists and has nothing to do with "wishing".

The good news is, much of the work has already been done for us. From this basic client centered exploration, several very interesting and exciting Referral Focus Factors have been discovered:

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    Some people will never give referrals and we must have a way of knowing who they are - think of how many times we may have accidentally touched this hot stove, never venturing down this path again, but it wasn't our technique, it was our lack of understanding this important focus factor.

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    We don't really ask for referrals, we just convince ourselves we had. But client interviews offer opposing evidence. The good news is these same interviews pointed out what we've done wrong and how to correct this important focus factor.

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    Where there's a will, there must also be a way. Instead of being lucky on occasion, we need a systematic methodology to hand to our clients who want to refer. There is no sense going this far if we're not going to hand them "how" as the final focus factor.

This is just a preview of a powerful process that could change the way you address referrals. Unfortunately, something this powerful requires more time to explore if you want to "get it right." The Personalized Brokerage Services Business Development Team will evaluate and explain the "complimentary implementation" option to qualified financial professionals. Contact us today to learn more.

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Referral Resources

Workshop Video Image
Workshop Video

The first step to successfully gaining referrals is to understand why your clients and relationships don't give you the amount of introductions that you wish they did and to discover exactly what you can do to change that.

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Training Guide

This 100-page guide is organized into step-by-step modules to help you develop your Interactive Client Survey process.

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Supplemental Training Guide

Five basic components are needed within each of your Circle of Influence relationships to maximize your capacity to build effective referral relationships.

Professional Referral Guide Image
Professional Referral Guide

Creating and maintaining effective relationships with CPAs and attorneys not only will ensure that your clients' needs are met but can also provide a consistent flow of quality referrals.