Business Development

Personalized Brokerage Services has been providing solutions to independent financial professionals throughout the United States since 1988. Headquartered in Lawrence, KS, and licensed in all 50 states, we offer a one-stop organization for your Life Insurance, Annuity, Long-Term Care Insurance, Insurance After Care needs through some of the nation’s top insurance carriers.

When it comes to our producers, your success is our success. We understand what producers want - to increase their client base and expand their business. Our team of professionals combine in-depth knowledge with personalized service and use this formula to successfully help our producers reach their goals.

As a leading Field Marketing Organization (FMO), we not only offer some of the most competitive products, but also place an emphasis on creative marketing solutions.


Independent Financial Professionals


Retirement Explorer
Retirement Explorer®

We've developed a turnkey marketing and business development program that helps you address the biggest concerns Boomers face!

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Advertising Agency
Advanced Markets

Let us help you address complex client cases involving estate/gift tax, retirement, business continuation and other advanced issues and strategies.

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Multiple Carriers

We have over 25 carrier options which allows our producers to offer their clients a very diverse product portfolio.

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Advisor Resources
Business Development Directors

We help provide the best possible service, develop and share methods for gaining new prospects, and expand existing business relationships.

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Compliance & Suitability

We were one of the first field marketing organizations to have in-house suitability and compliance officers who truly understand the importance of suitable sales and compliant practices.

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Strategic Growth
Back Office Support

We help handle your application processing, from reviewing your client applications to facilitating the receipt of your commission.

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Strategic Growth Opportunities

We help you identify who you are, where you want to go and the steps to take to get you there. From media research to vendor coordination to design and language assistance, Personalized Brokerage Services has you covered.
  • Hit Your Target Market

  • Hire and Train Staff

  • Partnering with Business Professionals

  • Plan for Succession

  • Network with Collateral Professionals

  • Develop a Compensation Structure

  • Prospecting Tools and Resources

  • Ongoing Client Relationship Management Planning

  • Advanced Market Support

We offer professional implementation assistance at every step along the way. Using marketing and cutting edge technology, together we can help grow your business.